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Homeowners know that having a cracked and broken floor surface is not only ugly, but it can also be dangerous to walk on, and what’s more, it takes a lot of the value out of your home. Fixing a broken laminate or vinyl floor can be a daunting task if you try to tackle it yourself, and installing a whole new floor can feel nearly impossible. That’s where we come in. The experts at Colby Jacksonville Laminate and Vinyl Flooring can take your existing floor and restore it to a pristine shape. If you’re installing a whole new floor, let us do all the hard work to give you the fabulous new floor and dramatic new look you’ve dreamt about. Don’t tackle a big remodel on your own. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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About Us

We are flooring repair and installation experts located in the heart of Jacksonville, Florida. We are dedicated to providing excellent quality services to all our customers. We specialize in Laminate and Vinyl flooring as an affordable home improvement solution. Installing a new floor is a great way to freshen up a room’s look and add some much-needed property value without seriously breaking the bank. We can also repair existing floors or match existing floors to others throughout your home for a clean, uniform look. Before you start that next big project, give us a call today. 

Our Services

Please take a look below for detailed descriptions of the services we offer.

Colby Jacksonville Laminate and Vinyl Flooring

Flooring Repair 

When putting in a whole new floor is not in your budget, we have the tools and equipment to get that old damaged floor looking new. We’ll start by assessing the damage and seeing what sort of shape your existing floor is in. Then we begin by clearing away cracked and damaged tile or flooring panels that are too broken to repair. Once we have all of the broken material out of the way, we can begin to put your floor back together. 

When dealing with vinyl flooring, scratches can seem like a bigger deal than they are. Most surface scratches can be removed with a clean cloth and a buffing compound or heavy-duty floor wax. A quick cleaning and polishing will make your floor look like new. However, for more severe gouges and scrapes, patching is necessary to get the floor back to that “like new” look.

Some cracks or gouges can be filled with caulk and will be unnoticeable once the floor is cleaned and the excess is wiped away. For other more significant damage, it will require patching. Our technician’s piece tile back together using existing scraps to fill in torn, gouged, or broken tiles to get the floor looking like new. If full replacement tiles are available, we can cut away the damaged portion and glue it in a brand new piece of tile and have you fixed up in a flash.

New Flooring Installation


When a repair simply won’t do, or it’s time for a whole new floor, we know how to remove that existing floor and put in a new vinyl or laminate floor that will transform your space into something extraordinary. 

Putting in a new vinyl or laminate floor requires precision and technique to ensure a smooth look and transition from one space to another. You can’t merely slap new sheets of vinyl onto the floor and hope they’ll stick. There’s lots of preparation that goes into installing your new floor.

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We’ll start by clearing away the old floor and ensuring that the subfloor is smooth and level. The last thing you want is a drooping or sagging floor. We’ll sand down any rough spots and make sure the surface is ideal for installation. Once all the prep work is done, we’ll start the installation by measuring the floor space to ensure a snug fit. Some homeowners opt not to glue down their vinyl or laminate and simply let it float on top of the subfloor. While this is perfectly fine for a DIY job, our team installs quality that is meant to last. 

By measuring and then gluing the vinyl or laminate flooring, it will improve the fit and provide durability to the floor so that it will last for years to come. When you hire us, you hire the best. We’ll give you a floor that will stay with you for the long haul, and if it starts to chip or crack, we’ll be there to fix it and have it looking like new. Whether it’s a single room or your whole house, let our team take your flooring from ordinary to extraordinary with the quality you can count on.


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We proudly serve the greater Jacksonville, Florida area and are here when you need us for all your vinyl and laminate flooring needs. Whether you want to fix up that old laminate in your kitchen to make it less of an eyesore, or you’re ready for a complete redo, we can deliver for you. Click or call at (904)-595-9221 today to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.