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Vinyl Flooring Installation in Jacksonville
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When you decide that you are ready to upgrade your flooring, it can be hard to determine the type of flooring that will be best for your home. If you choose to have vinyl flooring installed, you can relax in the knowledge that this is not only a popular choice but also an economical one. Vinyl flooring is perfect for those areas of your home that receive a lot of foot traffic. It is a good option because it is easy to clean and keeps looking good. Vinyl is water-resistant and can look good in any room of your home, including bathrooms, kitchens, front entrances, and laundry rooms.

Many people choose vinyl because it does not get cold in the winter and is comfortable to walk on with bare feet. One of the best reasons to install vinyl flooring is that it is inexpensive. When you consider other flooring options such as hardwood or tile, vinyl flooring costs a fraction of that amount. It can be quickly installed without extra work needed for tile installation, such as grouting and sealing.

Call Jacksonville Flooring today to get our professionals to your location to look at the room you plan to re-floor with vinyl. 

We can take some measurements and calculate the total floor space to provide you with a solid estimate of the cost of the flooring product and the installation. If you have a room that is an odd shape, our experienced team can install any product seamlessly so that you get the best result once the product is fully installed.

We have all the right tools to ensure that the installation is quick and painless. You will not have to worry about not using a room of your home because we will complete our work and leave as soon as we are done. 


The Process


We take the necessary measurements and ensure that we have the product that you want in stock. We can help you to decide on a color and pattern that will go best in the room that you are re-flooring. We may recommend that an underlay be used under the flooring if the subfloor is not smooth. Most vinyl flooring can just be installed right on the subfloor, but we will let you know what is recommended according to the warranty on the product. Underlay can provide more cushion for your flooring if you want the comfort level to be a bit better, but it is generally only recommended if your vinyl is less than 1/4 inch thick.


The thickness of Vinyl Flooring


When you look at the products that we show you, you may notice a wide range of thickness options available to you. Thicker vinyl floors are more durable, and you will need to choose thicker vinyl for high traffic areas of your home. The main areas where you would need thick vinyl flooring would be kitchens and hallways. You would use thinner options for low-traffic areas such as your bedroom. If the subfloor is unstable, you need to avoid thin vinyl and choose a thicker option. Thinner vinyl will wear faster, especially in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic. 


Installation Methods


You can have your vinyl flooring installed by Jacksonville Flooring in a variety of ways. We tend to recommend that we install it for you according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. Sometimes people choose a specific type of vinyl flooring because it has a particular installation method.

  • Floating floor – no adhesive required, vinyl is installed over the existing floor, some floating floor components are interlocking and snap together as the floor is installed.
  • Glue down – an adhesive is applied to the back of the vinyl before it is laid down
  • Peel and stick – a common type of vinyl flooring that is inexpensive and usually installed by DIYers.
  • Loose Lay – the underside of the vinyl creates friction as it is walked on, which keeps the flooring in place, so no adhesive is required.
  • Full spread – adhesive is applied on the subfloor before the vinyl is laid out.

Most people who choose to install their flooring choose the peel and stick tiles or the interlocking floating floor because neither of these types of flooring is complicated to install. They are not as durable as products that require a more complex installation method. 

Jacksonville Flooring has plenty of experience with all types of vinyl flooring and is ready to help you with updating your home’s floors. Call us today if you would like a free estimate of the product and installation.